Watched this on youtube

I just watched weaving in ends video that was amazing.
She changed colors by wrapping old color in reverse way around needle, then wrapping new color as if to knit, then wrapping old color again and this worked in the new color and worked in the ends at the same time. I don’t know if I’m explaining this right, yodadoe is the name of the person illustrating this under weaving in ends.
If you watch it, tell me what you think.

Umm… no link.

Is this the video?

[color="#330099"]That video shows a variation of a Fair Isle stitch that weaves in the unused color. It does nicely weave the unused color behind the stitches and can be used before and after a color join.

Using such a tail weave-in also prevents the hole that can appear at color changes.

I’m a continental knitter by choice and am able to do the two handed Fair Isle. I use a similar weave-in when I do color changes.

Yes, this is the video.

Do you think this could be use when joining colors for stripes in the round???

That’s how I carry the yarn when I’m doing two handed fair isle. I’m not sure I trust it for ends though. I prefer to weave them in this way.