Waste Yarn

Hello everyone, I just caught the knitting bug and have finally expanded beyond the scarves I’ve been knitting for gift giving and decided to try my hand at a sweater. The pattern is fairly easy, it’s knitted in the round…its also my first attempt at circular knitting. I must say, I’ve done pretty well. So what’s my problem? I’ve come the the part in the pattern where the sleeves are to be attached and it indicates I should “Place next 20 sts on waste yarn, work across 88 sts, place next 20 sts on waste yarn, work to end of rnd.”

How does one place stitches on waste yarn while working stitches on the same round? I understand the concept of waste yarn, but how do i get the working yarn over to the 80 sts without working the 20?

Please help me. I would hate to turn 17 inches of sweater into a tube top and forever give up my dream of simple stylish sweaters.

Lost in Translation.

I believe you’re going to have to join another ball of yarn so that you have one for the back and one for the front. Or possibly you can quit going in the round and start turning work to finish front and then do back. You’re going to run into it again at the neck area. Probably not clear enough. Someone else jump in here!


I would just join a second ball of yarn. :wink:

I’m confused… was the question answered? I don’t know how to do it either… I just use stitch holders! :?

Thanks for all of your suggestions. I finally got it. What I did was I knit the 20 stitches and then slipped them onto waste yarn, continuted kntting for 108 stitches, placed the last 20 on waste yarn and then finished the round. This way I didnt have to break the yarn. I hope this is right, I’ll let you all know when I finish the sweater.

Are you working the sweater from the bottom up or the top down? I’m trying to picture your solution working, and I’m not picturing it…

If working in the round from the bottom up, you’d typically put those stitches on the holder without working them (they’d be the under-arm), and then, to get to the other side of those stitches, this is where you start incorporated the sleeves you’d have already knitted up to the underarm. You’d work across the outer edge of the sleeve (hence, attaching it the the main body), and then continue on the body, at the other side of those stitches-on-hold. Later the underarms stitches would be grafted to matching underarm stitches from the sleeve.

Hope that helps,