Waste yarn question

Hi All,

I’m going to start the Knit Picks Modern Classics Christmas Stockings (http://www.knitpicks.com/kits/Modern_Classics_Christmas_Stocking_Kit_Green_and_Gold__D40137.html?intmedid=Holiday2:Stockings)
this weekend, but I have a question as I’ve never used “waste yarn” before.

This pattern calls for the toe and heel to be worked after the stranded knitting portion is done. The toe is worked first when the color portion is done so that is not a problem. However, for the heel it says to:

“Work first 30 sts from chart, then drop working yarn and pick up contrasting waste yarn without joining. Knit to end of round with waste yarn. Now, return to the point where you dropped the working yarn and resume knitting from the chart.”

FYI - I’ll be working with dpns and the entire round pursuant to the chart is 60 stitches. When it says to “resume knitting from the chart” the chart is 60 stitches. I’ve just put 30 on a holder, so to speak, so what am I knitting into to make up the round of 60 sts? First 30 are connected to the stocking. Do I knit the remaining 30 from the waste yarn?

I thought that you didn’t “knit” with waste yarn, but rather just inserted it to hold stitches, sort of like using a stitch holder. I’ve watched Amy’s video on using a “life line”, but I’m gathering that this is not the same thing.

Could someone explain this to me?

For the heel you will need both edges to have free loops to work the heel in. So you will knit the 30 stitches with waste yarn and then go back pick up your working yarn and continue knitting, knitting those 30 stitches of waste yarn. When you pull the waste yarn out you will have two edges where you will work the heel. Gee I hope this is clear enough for you to understand. This is like working Elizabeth Zimmerman’s After Thought Heel.

I think I get it.

The row I knit WITH the waste yarn and the next round where I knit ONTO the waste yarn will become the edge stitches I pick up when going back to do the heel.

And the lightbulb comes on!!!

Thank you very much! I was having trouble picturing what I was doing.

Your welcome.