Washington square cardigan

I am doing the cardigan called Washington square from metropolitan knits book- which I love
For waist shaping the instructions says to
A- work the chart pattern until row 12 has been completed. Repeat 1-12 for the foliage lace pattern without setup rows.

A2- Note: work sts outside chart pattern in St st for 11 rows.

B- Then it says for next RS row knit the 24 sts in foliage lace pattern then k2, k2tog,k1 (1 st dec).

C- Then it says to cont in established pattern rep the shaping of last 12 rows 1 more time to get 26 sts. Piece will measure 7 1/2 inches from CO. Work even for 5 rows, ending with a WS.

So do I start by doing the 11 rows in foliage lace pattern with remaining stitches in St sts (a/a2). Then do the next RS row decrease (b) after the 11 rows of a/a2
Then for © When do I decrease the stitch during the 12 row and what do I do with the extra stitches since foliage lace pattern is 24 sts.

Yes, do the 11 rows in foliage lace with the remaining sts in stockinette. I assume row 12 is a RS row? Do the decrease there.
On the repeat of the 12 rows, again work the decrease on row 12 (or whichever row is the RS row). The extra sts continue to be worked in stockinette.
From this photo, it looks like there are more decreases to follow but the spacing may be different.

Thanks, a bunch was so loss!
It took me days to figure out that I was suppose to decrease possibly on the 12th row.

Anyway thanks for the quick response and the raverly link.