Washing the blanket so that the color doesn't run

I’m almost finished knitting a dark green baby blanket. Next I will have to duplicate stitch in white sheep. I’m concerned that when it’s washed, the green will run and the sheep will become green. I want to wash it once first before putting in the sheep. Any advice? Anything I can do to prevent the color from running? Dare I use a machine dryer or would it be better to hang dry?

I’m using LionBrand 80% acrylic 20% wool.
Medium 4
machine washable and dryable.


Is this WoolEase yarn? If so it probably won’t run. I’ve put WoolEase in the washer/dryer so I think it should be OK. Soaking in vinegar or salt solution is supposed to set dye. You can try putting it in water to soak and see if the dye runs, if it does add the vinegar or salt. If not, you should be safe.