Washing machine question

We will need a new washer soon and it has to be a top loader because our laundry room isn’t large enough for the front loaders. 38 yr old houses weren’t built for modern appliances. :teehee:

So…I’d really like to get an HE washer and most of them are agitator-less. This seems great to me as I can get more laundry in and it won’t wrap around the agitator. However, a friend has one and says that she has a lot of trouble with long sleeve garments (and pants?) getting tied in knots.

If you have a washer without an agitator do you have this problem? Or any comments on this type of washer? Thanks!

interesting… i actually have that problem with my HE front loader.

I thought I’d posted here. I guess I didn’t finish. Or I got bleeped. :wink:

I had a top loader-no agitator once and can’t recall I had any more trouble with things getting knotted up than in one with an agitator. I do have that happen sometimes no matter what kind of washer it is. My first front loader (we bought it used, it was avocado green no less) took up about as much space width-wise as a regular top loader. The apartment I’m in can’t take a normal top loader because the design was for those stacked w/d apartment things. When they finally had to replace the washer they had a front loader installed. Are you sure you couldn’t go with a front loader? I think I could just about wash a hand wash wool sweater in mine. I may try a swatch just to see what happens.

GG, the size problem has to do with the depth front to back. There is a door to the garage and into the hall and when they open they come very close to the appliances now. The front loaders have a door that isn’t flush so it won’t work.

Interesting, X. Curious what others will say.