Washing knit hats

I just learned how to knit hats and decided to make a hat for each of my daycare children for Christmas this year. I’m knitting them from 100% acrylic Red Heart yarn. I’d like to wash and dry them before wrapping them up. Is there anything I need to know before throwing them into the washer and dryer? Thanks!

Nope- Red Heart washes up fine and you will see when you pull it out of the dryer that it softens up nicely. Just wash them like you would anything! I like to use Caron Simply Soft instead of Red Heart because it’s easier on my hands. Red Heart is a little scratchy to me- I am knitting the fingerless gloves below with it now.

And what a sweet idea! Are you making them all the same color?

Thanks for answering my question! I’m so glad to hear that the yarn will soften up a bit after washing it…I too find it to be kins of scratchy. The 3 other hats that I already have knitted were done using TLC Essentials yarn and that was nice and soft. I am making them in different colors. For the 2 baby girls I used a varigated yarn with primary colors. For the 2 toddlers I used a yarn color combo called Island, and for this hat I’m using the color combo called Ocean.

Had to ask the color question because I have 2 children and my 2 great nieces lived with me last year also. Three of them were under 5, and it was a battle with them all fighting over the red cup. Or the blue plate. Or who got to wear what hat. The little one could only say “ME TOOOOOOOO” but it was a convincing argument with all those curls. :teehee:

I just thought of the headline “Local Toddlers Brawl Over Hat Color” -details at 11. I know you know what I mean.

ETA- I haven’t used the TLC yarn but I have seen it. I have some Caron in “Embroidery Print” colorway- it’s bright red, blue, purple, green and orange/yellow. I am knitting a toddler earflap hat out of it. It’s what I knit when I am down- it’s so cheery! (Dang- I even have more on the needles than in my signature. I may need help.)