Washing a Skein

I have managed to make a skein of 2-ply; my dh made me a niddy noddy. I’m wondering how to wash the skein? It was spun “in the grease”.

I vaguely remember reading somewhere not to give it a temperature shock. But I’m wondering if it’s best to try to shrink it a bit to reduce shrinkage in the final garment when knitted. I’m really new to all this so forgive all my questions! I also would quite like the yarn to retain some of the natural oils.

Soak your skein in a sink of HOT water with a bit of dish detergent for about 15 minutes. This should remove most but not all of the lanolin. (depending how much grease you had).

If you take hot, soapy, agitated, wrung out wool yarn and plunge it into cold water, you will felt & full.

If you take hot, soapy NON-agitated, Dripping Wet wool yarn and plunge it into cold water, you’ll get a bit of fulling, but not felting.

Another way to full (shrink lengthwise but make ‘fuller’) your yarn is to soak in hot water, gently wring it out and THWACK it on the counter top. The shock will full the yarn.

So what do I do after I soak it for 15 min? Rinse in warm water? Thanks Cyndi.

If you have 2 sinks, fill one with hot soapy water, the other with hot clear water.

Soak in soapy water for 15 minutes or so, then put in clear water. you may want a few rinses. As the water cools in your rinse bath, fill the next sink with approximately the same temperature.

Don’t forget to THWACK!!!