Washed Wool Ball Band with pattern instructions

I have a ball of Sirdar Touch, which came with a Snood Pattern on the Ball band, but I washed with ball band in the pocket of my jeans :crazy_face: It’s now in tiny, blue pieces of paper and I can’t piece anything together. Can anyone help me please? How many stiches do I cast on for the one ball snood?
Thank you in advance, Olly

Welcome to KH!
How frustrating. You might write to Sirdar and include a photo of the yarn and what’s left of the ballband if you still have it. Explain that you would like another copy of the pattern. The companies are often very understanding.
You could also look up the yarn on Ravelry then click on Projects over on the right of the yarn page. Search for snood and then contact some of the knitters explaining what happened and requesting a photo of the pattern.
Good luck in your search.

That sounds like something I’d do! I found this and wondered if it’s what you had. If we know what it looks like it’s possible we can find a suitable substitute pattern that you could use.

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