Washcloths out of Shine?

I’m making a Mason Dixon washcloth out of knitpicks Shine right now, and it feels awfully soft. I’ve only used sugar and cream before, and it is nowhere near this soft.

If you’ve made some out of shine, how are they working for you? I adore the colors, but it seems it might be better suited to some knitted tee’s for my daughters than washcloths.

I’ve not used Shine for cloths before, but I do see some cloth patterns using Shine on the KnitPicks site!
I adore using Blue Sky cotton yarn for washcloths…yummilicious!

Since I’m so new to knitting, I Bought those patterns on KnitPicks and 2 skenis of shine. I’m still trying to figure out the pattern…all together DUH JANE! I should learn, if it doesn’t say just do a straight knit stitch, I should run and run fast :roflhard: