Washcloth Designs

For some reason or another I’ve become obsessed with designing washcloths this month! August is officially washcloth month for me! Thus far I’ve shared Flower Power washcloths, BORN TO KNIT and BORN TO IPOD cloths with you (BORN TO KNIT & IPOD are older designs).
Anyway, I wanted to share the ones that I did this past week with you!
We have YARN GIRL cause that’s what we are …except for those of us who are Yarn Boys!
Then, I decided to design a cloth with something that I find myself saying, hokey as it is! And that is ‘JUST SAY KNIT,’ we hear Just Say No all of the time and I say JUST SAY KNIT because knitting help to relieve the stresses of daily life for us knitters!
And I continued to knit “knitting creeds” on washcloths…we also have LIVE TO KNIT and KNIT TO LIVE cloths.
Then there’s the phrase that Vickie Howelll and Knitty Gritty have made famous, KNIT ON And lastly, I have admitted that I am a big ole YARN HO!, but don’t tell anybody else, Lonnie knows, and ya’ll know, let’s just keep it secret, k?! I’m afraid I didn’t have enough room for Yarn Harlot, but, you get the idea, right?!

Those are GREAT!!! :slight_smile: I especially live the knit to live and live to knit. :cheering:

Love, love, love 'em all – but especially the “Yarn Girl” one!!

Yarn ho… :rofl: I love it! So perfect! LOL

Thanks, guys!
LOL, I thought Yarn Ho was appropriate, too :roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

:muah: Those are great and you’ve been busy!!! :cheering:

Thanks so much, Ing-A-Ling!
I don’t know if I’ve been busy…more like obsessed :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl:

These are all wonderful, Becca!! :hug:

Those are fabulous!!! What yarn did you use for them? The colors are so beautiful. :slight_smile: I’m going to have to try my hand at some of them. Do you think you could design one for my dh (who does all the dishes in this house) about being married to a yarn girl? :roflhard:

Thanks guys!
These were lots of fun to do…but, my hands are so sore from knitting with this yarn!!! So, I’m now knitting some yummy flower power cloths with some of the Blue Sky cotton that Lonnie gave me…this is luscious cotton yarn, my new fave! I do have a couple of small hand towel designs in my head … but, I will use Blue Sky for sure.
knitaddict, I used Sugar N Cream…you can find it most anywhere and it’s very, very inexpensive.

OMG!!! These are awesome!!! Wow what a great idea, will have to give one of these a try!!!
thanks for sharing!!! :cheering:

Becca… those are beautifulll!! I will knit some of them for myself the next time my needles are free - they are on my list already! I’ve been to Red Needle and Wild Fibre :happydance: Thanks for the tips! Did you get the yarns locally?

Those are really cute. Are you making the patterns available??


Rebecca, those are GREAT! :cheering: I especially like the Yarn Ho one :teehee: I love making washcloths! But I’ve made so many that my family just roll their eyes when they see me knitting another one. :verysad: Well, they will just have to get OVER IT! :wink:

Thanks everyone! :muah:
Elza, yes I got the yarns locally…Joann’s and/or ACMoore. I’m happy to hear that you went to Red Needle and Wild Fibre! I’ve not been to either in a while, it’s way past time to go, I must say!
I do apologize I forgot to say that the patterns are available on my blog in the 1st post…oops! Anyway, they can be found there and on KPC.

:cheering: :notworthy: :cheering: :muah: :hug:

Gotta pick one and make a pillow. Probably Live to Knit!

AWESOME>>>new facecloths for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Rhy :cheering:

More thanks all around :muah: ya’ll sure do make a girl feel good :grphug: