Washable beads

Does anyone know where I can buy beads for adding to a knit item? I think they have to be washable. I’m not sure what they should be made of, how to get the right size for different weights of yarn or where to buy them. I think I need a knit beading for dummies book.

I’ve used glass beads and there are plastic beads but both types are washable. Usually patterns recommend a size bead to use with the yarn weight recommended. Here’s a general guide.

You can string beads on the yarn or you can use a crochet hook to add the beads as you work. Stringing the beads wears on the yarn so you don’t want to string too many at one go. You can always cut the yarn and add more.

Great! Thank you so much. I’ve never noticed a bead size offered in patterns but I’ll be on the lookout moving forward.