Wash Your Mail ..... This Is Great Against Spam!

I’ve used a software for a long time which I haven’t mentioned here. I highly recommend it for EVERYONE!!!

[B][COLOR=Red]DISCLAIMER:[/COLOR][/B] [B]I don’t have anything to do with this company, nor do I get anything from recommending this, I am because I love it![/B]

It’s called MailWasher Pro. Basically what it does is check your mail for you BEFORE you check your mail. It sits on your computer, you can import all your email accounts into it (it checks just like you check email), and goes to your mail server (just as your email program does) and lists for you ALL the emails which are there. This allows you to delete offensive stuff without seeing the images (it blocks images, but they will be there when you check you email the usual way).

So…you see all the garbage and delete (and MY favorite part) BOUNCE it before the junk comes into your computer and possibly gives you a virus or shows something offensive on your screen!!!

Now it’s not perfect, because spammers often use your own email address as “from” because you are obviously not going to block your own address, BUT…THIS IS ANOTHER FUN THING…you can blacklist one person…say "jerk@yahoo.com" or an ENTIRE domain “*@yahoo.com”. Naturally you don’t want to do that because you get mail from legitimate people with Yahoo addresses. But if I get spam from so-and-so@nowheresville.com…I already know I will probably never need anything from them in the future!

Another this is it has filters…one of my filters is that on the bottom of all my emails I have “petfinder.com”, so I created a filter which allows anything with petfinder anywhere in the message to pass through. So, if a friend fw an email of mine to someone they know, and they “reply to all”, I will STILL get their reply as long as they didn’t delete ‘petfinder’ from my signature. I have a small print disclaimer on the bottom of all sigs which tells them so.

Or…I could set up my email address to read “From: Ariel Luria (petfinder)” rather than just “From: Ariel Luria”, etc…

I also filter in anything with the words knit, yarn, needle…JIC I get some new catalog or something which I have forgotten to add to my ‘friends’ list.

Emails from contact forms from my business domain have special subject lines such as “contact us now [do not remove subject line]”…this is another filter for me, if a message comes in with that exact subject line OR containing that IN its subject line (should the writer wish to add something to it), it will come through.

Well, anyway…this is a HUGE lifesaver. I just wanted to share because I absolutely LOVE this program. Plus, I can check my mail WITHOUT checking my mail, if you know what I mean.

Thanks very much for posting this - I’ll save it and show it to my computer Guru when he gets back from holiday.

All the Best