Wash Cloth Pattern

Ok, I’m a beginner knitter. I want to knit the dishcloth pattern found on the Bernat site. Instructions call for casting on 1 st; Row 1 is K1, yfwd, K1, all in st., 3 sts. Not sure how to knit the first stitch and end up with 3 stitches. The 15th row says to K1, inc 1 st in next st. *yrn. P2 tog. Rep from * to last 3 st. P1 Inc 1 st in next st K1. I don’t understand the part between the 2 *'s. Thanks for any help.

for the k1, yfwd, k1 you’re doing some increases… Knit into the stitch, but DON"T drop it off the needle… then, yarn forward (just wrap your working yarn around your right needle without making a stitch), and then Knit into the stitch you still have on your left needle, and drop it off. You;ll then have 3 sts on the right needle.
I think the “yrn” means yarn over (wierd, since they said yfwd before), so if that’s the case, you will yarn over (wrap the yarn around the needle without putting it into a stitch first) and then p2tog over and over again until there’s 3 stches remaining on the left needle.

yrn means yarn round needle–a yarn over.