Was WIP Booties in Bernat Baby Coordinates Now FO

Knit a holic, sorry it took so long to post these. Yesterday was “one of those days” with my energetic three year old.

And Kudos to you! That is the hardest yarn to take pictures of.

I’m amazed at what it looks like and cant wait to see the finished booties. I need to finish them by next Saturday for my girlfriends baby shower! They are going to go on the white cake!

:smiley: I can’t wait to see your FO, please get a picture of them on the cake…that is just going to be perfect :thumbsup:

Hi Pixywhispers! Thx 4 sharing ur photos! I love how its coming out. It is hard to take good pics with the type of yarn i’m using. I just didn’t use the flash. I will be sure to post the FO when I’m done. I’m also going to use it in my speech class. I will be doing a process speech on the knitting basics. It should be fun! I will also be incl. some short videos of my demonstration.

Well today is the big day! We finally get to see the booties on the cake! My friend whose making the cake picked the booties up on Thursday. And I forgot to take a picture of them finished! Oh well! I’ll get a pick of them on the cake. I’m so excited!

Knitaholic, How is your speech coming along?

Here they are!

Hi Candace! Those look wonderful! What a nice touch to the cake! I’m still working on the blanket! It seems like it’s taking forever. I hope to be done by next weekend, so I can finally give it to my friends that just had the baby last week. Knit on! :XX:

a.k.a. knit-a-holic

Oh ya. My speech is this coming Tues. I finally finished my outline. I’m excited, yet nervous. Its alot of info just using the basic techniques, but I will have to practice it, because it’s supposed to be a 5-7 min speech. Thanks for asking! :smiley:

Candace, those are adorable! :inlove: They even match the cake–how’d you manage that? :shock:

Good luck on your speech! :heart:

Thanks Angelia! :wink:

Oh, those are adorable, they almost look good enough to eat!

Very cute! Now to figure out how to knit with spun sugar! :thinking:

Pixy, Those are so darn cute!! :thumbsup: Truly, a work of art! I am sure your friend will remember that forever. :cheering:

Thanks Ladies!

Well I had planned on making booties (as well as a bonnet for my friends baby shower) and my friend who was making the cake asked if I would knit a pair of white booties to go on the cake so I knit them and she made the icing the day after I finished them! Arent the roses gorgeous? Shes only been making cakes since January! Awesome job huh?

Wow, your friend makes cakes? The cake is beautiful!

Wow is that cute!!

Wonderful job!

That’s just way too cool!!!

That cake is gorgeous! Your friend did a great job on the roses…and the booties just make it perfect!!!