Was someone looking for doggie sweaters?

I remember someone was looking for doggie sweater patterns. I could not find the post :(, but I came across this book while surfing.

Thanks, EKG! That was ME. And Howie, of course, who wishes to expand his couture collection.

I think it was for a chihuahua, as I remember replying to it.

That would be my Howie! I did see that book at Borders…sizes weren’t small enough…

OOoooh yes…Howie…the somewhat submissive one. But after seein’ your other pictures, I see your big girl does that with the entire gang.

You ever try that pattern (I referenced earlier) made just for Chi’s?

Looks like Howie’s sportin’ a child’s shirt or something in that picture…or are you just THAT GOOD on small needles?

I have not made it to the puppy sweater on my list of things to make yet…

  1. 3 scarf and purse sets (check)
  2. Hat and scarf for my niece, matching hat for baby doll (check)
  3. Scarf for me (check)
  4. Scarf and Hat for friend’s birthday (check)
  5. Scarf and purse for MIL (check)
  6. baby booties, hat, blanket for preggo coworker (che… “ck” will come when neverending blanket is finished)
  7. Loop st bath rug (hmph. Loop st wasn’t as easy as I thought, so Im reevaluating which st to use. Lovely big, fat cotton yarn sitting on dresser in 2nd bedroom looking like a poor orphan)
  8. Washcloths being used to play with potential bath rug sts (2 orphans on dresser next to LBF cotton, as above)
  9. DK hat for DH (on needles now)
  10. DK hat for baby bro (not even started. Well, at least I measured his noggin)
  11. SWEATER FOR HOWIE!!! (Actually, this may move down on the list if the weather continues to improve…he wont need anything so heavy & so will wear his new Hawaiian shirt purchased on clearance at PetCo)
  12. Sweater for me
  13. Hat for DH’s aunt
  14. Hoodies for sis & nephews
  15. Scarf for SIL (EVERYBODY is putting in their “orders” since I learned to knit!) :rollseyes:
  16. Socks with the coolest Fortissima Socka self-patterning yarn I bought at same time as LBF cotton
  17. Mittens with same (I bought 4 skeins each of 2 colors)

Howie is sporting a doggie sweatshirt, sized XS, purchased at PetCo. It’s hard to find tiny doggie clothes that arent pink & foo-foo. He’s a MAN for goodness’ sake! :wink:

HOWIE IS JUST ENTIRELY TOO ADORABLE!!! ahem Don’t tell him I said that. No MAN wants to be labeled “adorable”. So with that… HOWIE JUST ENTIRELY SUCH A MANLY HOUND!! :rofling:

WOW, what a list!

BTW, among my copied research materials is a pattern for a Loop st for rugs, etc. I’m going to PM you with the pattern instructions so you can evaluate/compare it with the others you’re trying.

If it’s an easier stitch it can always be posted here later. :slight_smile:

Howie is, right now, scratching inappropriate places and belching just to prove he’s a MAN. He has a very delicate self-esteem!

You are just TOO awesome, Happenin!


I have dog sweaters on my to be knitted (when I learn more than just basic stuff) list. But not for my dog, :frowning: my hubby won’t let me dress him. My MIL wants one for her doggy tho. Thanks for the book info. ~Brooke

Hi all, new knitter here:

I have the same problem with my chihuahua.
One of the reasons I wanted to learn to knit is to make her fun sweaters.

GREAT dog sweater pattern


I love it!