Warning:Some ranting and then asking for pattern

Hello Everyone,

I’m in a really down mood due to my chronic fatigue of unknown
origin and lack of hope to find a treatment. My doctor doesn’t know
what it’s from and doesn’t seem to care. I’ve gained 20 pounds
due to the fatigue but started a diet last Friday to try and get a hold
of that problem.

I wanted to knit so much and be on these boards so much but even
small things like that are really hard. I don’t know why I had to
vent that here, totally inappropriate however, the point is, I am hoping
someone with some energy can find for me some patterns. They can be
ones I have to buy that’s totally fine.

What I want is matching (meaning same yarn size) child’s hat/cap,
booties and mitts. I can crochet or knit. The less sewing of seems
the better.

I’ve found patterns in each but they take different yarn sizes and I
want to make color matching sets.

Thanks for your time,

You said child, but not whether it’s a boy, girl or baby. There are a ton of patterns at this link separated by categories which include boys clothing, girls clothing and baby.

Knitting Pattern Central

This page has a pattern for both a hat and mittens – and they can use the same skein of yarn!

Hat and Mittens

Hope you feel better soon. When I’m feeling down or low on energy, I make a cayenne-pepper tea. All you need is a cup of hot water, a few dashes of cayenne pepper and a bit of fresh lemon or honey, to taste. It really gets your circulation moving. :hug:

I don’t know why I had to
vent that here, totally inappropriate

Don’t worry, that’s why it’s called knittingHELP!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

I’m sorry that you don’t feel well, and despite my not having a pattern to share with you, I hope you feel better!!

Lion Brand Yarn has a pattern search device that is really good.

Here are a few I have been looking at.


I will be making the hoodie instead of the cable sweater though.


I have a couple of patterns for hats and mittens. They are all done with worsted weight. I’m sure you can get the hat and mittens from one skein. My patterns are ones that I have written up to suit my needs. Also http://www.bevscountrycottage.com has tones of patterns knit and crochet.

I see you finished a Teddy Bear? What pattern, is it available online?
Most of my bears end up ugly or undone due to all the sewing required.