Warning Cute Baby Alert and FO Baby Sweater


Cute, cute, CUTE!! :inlove: What a smile, too!! :smiley: I like the eyelets on the raglan seams - very nice. :thumbsup:

Beautiful! Great job! Oh, wait, let me go back and look at the sweater. :rofling:

Thanks Jackie!

And Ingrid! heh, she is so cute! I was so amazed at the Encore, cause when I was knitting with it I thought uh oh, this is not very warm, but after she wore it for a few minutes she was warm. Thats amazing! Thanks for the yarn tip, I’m an encore fanatic now.

It washes up nice, too!

The baby is :inlove: adorable!!! The sweater is beautiful. Did a great job.

Beautiful baby and sweater! I just love the pic of you holding her and knitting!

What a gorgeous baby and sweater! Also love the pic of you holding her and knitting =D

Beautiful! :inlove:

Look at those chubby cheeks, I just wanna bite 'em!

Great job on the sweater too, such even stitches. Be very very proud. :cheering:

:smiley: So verrrrry cute!!! The sweater is pretty, too :wink:

Beautiful! She’s such a cutie! :inlove:

gush Awwwwww. /gush

What a sweet doll!

My DD (7 1/2 months) isn’t sitting up yet, but she rolls from place to place to get where she wants to go!

She is just too cute. She must of known she was having her picture taken in such a beautiful sweater!

One day I will try sweaters! :slight_smile:


That baby is so precious, and the sweater is lovely!

very cute and i love your lace top hat! what a beautiful pattern and it works great with the yarn you chose! like a perfict fit!

Adorable! Baby and sweater!

So absolutely adorable!! That is just the cutest picture!! And the sweater is perfect on her!

Meg Thanks! I need write that pattern down. It is cute and fun to knit.

The baby I’m holding on the front page is actually my three year old! I had just learned to knit days before she was born (can you say distraction?) My babies are always late. She gets a kick out of seeing the picture cause she knows its her “fault” I knit. My oson told me recently that God gave me knitting so I could deal with that child! HA! So true.

Gardenmommy! I forgot they are so close in age. Do you have any recent pics of her up? My kiddos are all pretty “fast” when it comes to locomotion. Grace started pulling up this week! Its so funny cause once she stands (holding on to something) she doesnt know how to get down! Its hilarious she squawks, then pauses to see if someone is coming to rescue her! Its a riot!

Danielle, You can do it! And this sweater is a good starter sweater! And its such a cute little thing.

Thanks ladies! :XX:

Gorgeous baby and sweater! My “baby” is also named Grace…she turns 13 at the end of the month. In case this advice applies to you as well, my Grace HATES being called Gracie!