Warning about AMAZON.COM marketplace sellers!

I had to order a book for my online paralegal degree I’m taking. The book was $150. I went on amazon.com marketplace, where you can buy used from different sellers. After ordering, I got an email saying it was shipped. A few days later I ordered an ipod, so I was waiting for both. I got one notice to pick up a package at the post office last weekend, and I figured it was my book. NO! It was my ipod. Weird. So today I got on amazon to check on my order, and I happened to work my way to the sellers profile, and I see that all his feedback is negative! several people said that they never recieved their items, and tried to contact the seller and never heard back.

Moral of the story? read sellers feedback before buying!

The good news is, amazon guarantees everything bought, even from individual sellers, so I should be able to get my money back.

I think the title of this thread is kind of misleading, in that it sounds like you had a problem with amazon.com, not with one of their sellers.

That being said, that really blows about not getting your book! Have you personally tried contacting the seller?

I agree about the misleading title. You can change it by editing your first post and then clicking advanced edit.

Bummer about the book. Definitely always check the feedback.

I agree, you should change the title of the post, amazon didn’t screw you, infact they will be saving your behind, you should be thanking them!

It does suck about your book though

I have been taking college classes for over a year now, and I always order my books through Amazon, half.com, or Ebay. The first thing I do, after finding an item within my price range, is check out the seller’s feedback. I will not buy from anyone who has too many negative comments. But I’m also careful to read what the negative feedback entailed. Sometimes people post negative comments about things that are not the seller’s fault. If a seller has been quick to resolve the problem, I don’t hold it against them.

I treat the Amazon Marketplace sellers exactly the same way I treat Ebay sellers, in that I won’t buy from anybody who doesn’t have decent feedback. Too much negative too recently and I move on to the next seller.

I personally wouldn’t dream of shelling out that amount of money without checking the feedback first. In fact- I don’t buy anything without knowing the feedback.

And this definitely has nothing to do with amazon in the long run- you are really lucky that they will guarantee it like that!

Do you order online very often? If you do and this is the first time you have run into this after never checking feedback, then you are extremely lucky it has only happened once.

The internet is full of scammers, and just as full of honest people- but you have to know what to do to protect yourself. Lesson learnt I suppose.


I buy tons of stuff from both AMAZON and EBAY and have never had a problem because I pay very careful attention to the feedback. I think AMAZON is great but any time you go to a “used” seller you are essentially leaving AMAZON.

SO your warning isn’t really against AMAZON it’s against a paticular seller.

I thought this thread was gonna be about how evil amazon is, taking away business from independent booksellers. Can you tell I have an agenda? :teehee:

I’m sorry you all feel that I was being unfair toward amazon.com. I simply wanted people to be aware of something they might not know to be careful of. I’m very thankful they have that guarantee, and I didn’t mean to say that this was their fault in any way. It was not. And I’m actually taking this as kind of an act of god, because I was strung between going back to school for a real degree and just going to an online school to find a certificate program for much cheaper. I’ve decided this was my sign to not take the easy way out.

On the other hand, I’ve had several different problems with amazon before, including the time that my dad gave me $150 in gift certificates to borders, and we don’t have a borders here so I had to buy through the borders/amazon website. I ordered, and put in my certificate numbers, and the receipt was just fine and charged them. Later, I find a $150 missing from my checking account- they had charged it again to the debit card they had on file with them. I had thrown the cards away since I saw the receipt. Amazon would not refund my money nor replace my gift certificates, because by the time it showed up in my bank account, the items had shipped.

Maybe that made me bitter.

Yeah, I’ve had problems with the whole Borders/Amazon thing too. Half of the time, you end up at Amazon and your GCs don’t work anymore, but you don’t know that unless you know the secret code or until you try to enter the card number. And they don’t tell you how much is on your card until AFTER they’ve charged the order. Argh. Nothing like thinking you still have $25 on a card and get the order in and you used the card with $.12 left on it that you kept to top off another order! (I get the Borders’ cards with my Discover Cashback Bonus.) Oh yeah, the secret to tell when you’ve left Borders: Up in the top corner of the window it says “Back to Borders.” I think once you click on comments or anything besides the title of the book, you go to Amazon.