Warm Welcome

How nice to get so many warm welcomes! Thank you all.

So far I’ve made probably a dozen dishcloths, one scarf and one afghan. I’ve posted the pic of the afghan on “What cha knittin”. I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing until I found this site.

On a personal note, I’m 55 two grown sons and an all over the country truck driver with my husband. Before that I was a real estate agent and a CPR/First Aid Instructor. We’ve been truck driving for 3 years now and it’s alot of fun. However, being on the road I can’t get into any local groups or even find someone to ask. So I am very happy to have this resource.

Fortunately I can knit or read while we’re rolling. That’s why I started knitting…to pass the time on those long stretchs of highway.

We’re currently at home in Michigan, but Monday we take off again. I don’t know where we’ll be heading yet. Will let you know.

A welcome from me, as well!

We have another trucker, Mason, (Knitting_Guy) who knits all over the country, too. Wouldn’t it be something if you ran into each other at a truck stop?:teehee:

I’m pretty new to this forum also, but welcome!

And I agree - just at the time I really started picking up the needles again and having fun knitting, I found this forum. It’s the first place I check when I turn on my computer every day! Everyone here has been awesome - encouraging and willing to share. I love it!!

I started knitting on New Year’s Eve this year. A lot of people have complimented me on how fast I’ve picked it up – I tell them it’s all because of knittinghelp.com!