Warm Weather Sock Yarn?

All the sock yarn I’ve used so far are WAY too hot for the South!!! I have yet to find any that don’t contain wool. What’s a hot weather sock yarn I can buy?

Sockina yarn (made by Skacel) is a cotton/nylon/acrylic blend. You’d have to check around where to buy it though, because Skacel is a wholesaler.


I used Crystal Palace’s Panda Cotton and it wasn’t as hot either…there is also Sunapee from Patternworks that is cotton and silk I have some in my stash for a spring/summer pair of socks :happydance:

I’ve made numerous pair out of Elann Esprit which is 98.2% cotton and 1.8% elastic.

Living in GA, I was just about to ask the same question! I did do one pair on Cascade Fixation that aren’t terribly hot. I have mixed feelings about it. I needed some for a class, and the didn’t have a good color selection—so I think I might like it better in different colors than what I have. It was weird to work with, but the socks fit the best of any that I’ve made.

I have used a sock yarn from Southwest Trading company which is not warm on my feet. I believe it is Socktina. it has some no wool natural fibers, including I believe bamboo. I love those socks.

Cascade Fixation is a good choice. Its cotton and comes in a pretty big variety. The only downside is it has elastic embedded in it and it can take some getting used to in knitting it.

I was going to ask about bamboo, bought some last year on eBay and it feel heavenly!!! It’s Mei-Mei Bamboo Silk (Ravelry link). Has anyone ever used it?

I am from GA & we can have all 4 seasons in one day here sometimes. I personally have used the SWTC’s Tofutsie yarn & it isn’t heavy for warm weather but it is warm during the cold weather, I should know I am a bus driver so I am in all the time. I also use the Cascade Fixation yarn for warmer weather & make just a footie sock with it since it is cotton & my feet don’t sweat with it. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps.