Warm weather knits

[SIZE=“3”]:heart:Hi everyone just saying hi I just joined this forum…I am very new to knitting and am teaching myself from watching Diy knitty gritting with the awsome Vicky Howell however i have to give props to this site as well because many times i have had to source this site to seee the videos to get mwe throught a difficult tasks thanks to knittinghelp.com as well.My rreason for joining this forum to to get some more help because i live in the carribbean http://www.barbados.org/do.htmand there is no need for winter garments so i have problems find things to knit that i could use especislly for a very very begginner and everything i learn comes from the internet and honestly sometime i would like to see intructions rather than read them so i hope this forum will be able to help me. :muah:[/SIZE]

If you are able to obtain yarn made of fibers such as cotton and silk, you can knit many garments to wear in warm weather. A cotton or silk sleeveless shell is the simplest. It can be shaped, or (depending on your figure), you might even be able to wear a super simple top which you make by knitting a tube plus two rectangles attached as straps. You can also knit halter tops, tube tops, lingerie and even swim suits.

There are some videos available which show an instructor knitting a specific garment from beginning to end. I don’t know of any that show an item suitable for your climate, but I will be on the lookout for one. You are right…there is nothing more helpful than SEEING how to do it!

Check out this link for free patterns:

Hi All, very new at this was looking for cotton tops to knit for my teenage granddaughters. Wondering if someone could help me. Nice to see so many knitters used to knit years ago and have started up again.

Thanks again:cheering::cheering::cheering:

Other fibers you could try are Bamboo and Soy. Southwest Trading CO (SWTC) has several yarns from these fibers. A pattern book that might suit your climate is No Sheep for You.