Wanting to knit my 1st piece of clothing!

I’m looking for EASY shrug patterns for my granddaughters aged 4 and 6. Something simple and fun. I’ve never knitted clothing before and feel I ought to begin somewhere. Has anyone knitted a shrug lately? interested in sharing the pattern with me?:cheering:

This one is cute and very easy. basically just a rectangle made to the size you want. http://droppedastitch.blogspot.com/2006/10/fuzzy-shrug.html
Another child’s shrug here, has with some shaping, but still quite easy. http://www.knitandtonic.typepad.com/GirlfriendShrug.pdf

Oh wow!! What a great help you are. These two I’ve not come across after hours of looking. I really like the 2nd one, although the first one might be more practical for me to begin with. Thanks so much Jints…!

I sympathize. I’ve been knitting for a new granddaughter who’s on the way. Haven’t had little babies around for quite a while. I made newborn baby booties, thinking they looked gargantuan, only to find that on an actual baby they were too small. I say trust the pattern. A lot depends, too, on how much the baby/toddler weighed when first born. A newborn pattern for a typical 7 pound baby isn’t going to fit an 8 or 9 pounder. For a toddler who was a big baby, you might even want to go up a size.

I knit things for the little babies and toddlers in the neighborhood to test the pattern. The kids love the surprise gifts. I also ask the mom’s permission to try projects on their kids. They all know that I’m a crazy knitter now. Although (while utilizing one of my test subjects recently) I did get a comment about why I’m knitting mittens in the middle of a hot summer. They just don’t get it. Ya gotta get 'er done early. It’s too late when the first snows come screaming outside your door.

Another thing to consider is that babies grow so fast. New mothers get a lot of newborn clothes at baby showers, then they have nothing large enough to dress the baby in when they get to be a few months old. I’m knitting more of the six month to one year sizes for the new grandbaby. They will be a little big at first, but they’ll grow into it and get more wear out of it. Then, too, you have to think about how old the toddler will be next winter. Chances are that cute little outfit will be too small by the time he or she gets to wear it. You might be better off knitting an 18 month, 24 month, or two year old size.

That’s very true, most babies can fill out a 6 mo size when they’re about 3-4 months old, larger ones even earlier. I usually aim for at least 6-9 mo in size when I make something for a newborn, even 12 mo knowing they’ll be able to wear that at about 6-7 months old.

I’m knitting charity mittens for school age kids. Trying the mittens on my two little test subjects across the street let me know that the small size pair I made was too small. It saved me a lot of wasted time and aggravation. Scratch that size and make 'em bigger. If you don’t have little kids in your neighborhood, you could ask somebody at your church if you go to one. Most mothers don’t mind if you explain what you’re doing.