Wanting to knit a quilt for the first time. I have some questions :)

I started knitting around 6 months ago. I have become addicted to it haha I have made so many things and I have been wanting to knit a quilt. I want to do the kind where you knit a lot of different patterns in squares then sew them all together. I have a few questions though. Is it okay to use yarns of different sizes and textures for the squares? what size of yarn should i use?
Thank you so much!

Hi and welcome to KH. Your yarns should all have the same care, i.e. all machine wash and dry or all hand wash or whatever combination. If you use different textures and thickness of yarn, you’ll need to make sure they all come out the same size. There are lots of patterns for sampler blankets or afghans, you might want to check some of them. Here are some: [sampler blankets](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#query=sampler blanket) at ravelry.com

I agree. If you want the squares to be the same size, you’ll have to adjust the number of stitches/needles you use to adjust for yarn thickness; but if you want them to be random sizes that you fit together, that works, too.

The care issue is important, though, I think, and has affected how I’ve combined yarns in the past. Though all yarn should be hand-washable in theory, some acrylics tend to stretch when wet and go back to size when dried in the dryer.