Wanting to Chic Things Up a Bit

Does anybody watch the What Not to Wear program? The one where they trash your whole wardrobe and teach you how to dress in sophisticated style? I’m a fan. And I’d love to have some chic and stylish knitwear in my wardrobe. Problem is, most of what I knit falls into the boxy, shapeless, and boring catagory - definately What NOT to wear!

Will you share your links to patterns, (or pics of knitwear) that would fall into the fashionable, stylish, sophisticated catagory with me, please?


I don’t know how much shape you actually want… form fitting? Or just some shape vs boxy?

I bought this pattern, but haven’t made it yet.

I have these bookmarked.

I love this… if only I had someplace to wear it!

Fantastic! These are great! Thank you, you read my mind!

Make a vaporizer

OMG :doh: … i really like that last one too Jan, but it’s unfortunate that they think 47 inches is a 3XL :!!!:

I just bought a pattern book and I can’t think of the name but it has Skacel and Crealana in it. It’s awesome! And very stylish. I had my LYS order it for me after seeing a sweater in a magazine for just that one pattern but everything in it is very cool.