Wanting Ball Winder

Hey There Everyone!

I am in the middle of spinning my third skien (yes, still very new:aww: ). However, I lost a lot of it when it got really tangled because I just wrapped it around my hand and plyed that way…live and learn:teehee:

Anyway, I’m now in the market for a ball winder!:slight_smile: Does anyone know of a good brand? Or even better, do you have one for sale? (used is fine, really… I’m not so sure that I want to pay the $35 for the one at my LYS) Please post here or send me a pm if you have any ideas… I would greatly appreciate it!


I know it $35 seems like a lot of money you could be spending on yarn or fiber, but I use my ball winder ALL the time. I usually wind yarn into cakes even when it comes in a ball. It is easier for me to manage yarn in cake form and avoids a lot of tangles. You might find yourself using it more that you think you would.

There are many postings on the Internet in which people have made ball winders out of household materials such as Legos and hand mixers. If you have kids or like to bake, you prolly have all the supplies you need to make one.

If you have a Joann fabrics or a Micheals near you watch the paper for their coupons. It seems that at lest once a month the have a 40% or 50% off coupon. I very seldom buy any large item at Joann’s at full price.

I bought a ball winder like you can get from Joanns from ebay for $8.

I really need a larger ball winder though, something that can hold more than 4 oz of yarn. I’ve seen them but they sell for well over $199

woolhousetools.com has a large, handmade wooden ball winder for about $90 cdn. You can easily get 1/2 lb or more of yarn on it. I have one and love it.

Hey There!

Thank you all so much for your advice!!:heart: I dont need one that will hold more than 4 ounces (I’m way to impatient to spin and ply more than 4 ounces at a time:teehee:) so I’ll definetely look into the %50 off coupon in the paper:heart:

and Lol, i’m 15:teehee: Most definetely no kids yet, but there is a great little guy who is about 8 who is usually at my LYS (his mom owns the LYS, i think?) and helps me pick out charity yarn:teehee: A real sweetheart, to be sure.


I bought my ball winder from Nancy’s Knit Knacks. It is a heavy duty one, and although it was expensive ($180) it was worth every penny! I use it all the time. It’s made of solid wood. I was on a waiting list when I bought mine, but they may be making them fast enough to sell them all the time. I’ve had mine for 2 yrs I think. But like I said, it’s worth every penny.

There is a sale on Ball winders until 7/6/08 30% off


Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I have bookmarked this site. It is exactly what I want!

Hey Everyone!

i got one today:teehee: I’ve been having a yarn-winding fest let me tell you!:heart:

A big thank you to all of you who gave such fantastic advice!:hug: :hug: :happydance:


I hate to hijack this thread, but I just got a ballwinder as well, m yproblem is that I’m trying wind large skeins and it won’t fit - is tehre any way to wind large hanks without break yarn?

There are different size ball winders. From my limited experience the ball winders that seem most readily available are for commercial (read Wal-Mart, Lion Yarns etc.) size skeins. There are large ball winders available. Search the web, one ecample:





I have recently heard about a Nøstepinde (Scandinavian Ball-Winder" or Nest Stick) for winding yarn. They have some very fancy wooden ones or you could cut about a foot off of a wooden broom handle, sand smooth and use that (OK so I’m cheap). I would assume that the size of the ball wound is only limited by how much can you lift.

Instructions and more information:



I made one of the thingies Chris is talking about with a peice of PVC piping. Sanded it really smooth, and I’ve rolled everything from wool to silk on that thing with out any problems. Plus it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space.

This is just a thought and I haven’t worked out the details. If you use a pipe, PVC, copper etc. you could plug one end and put a screw cap on the other. This way you could carry your ball winder and store double point needles at the same time.

That is a really neat idea!