Wanting a matching hat

Hey All:

Ok, so there’s this guy that asked me if I could make him a hat (FYI a guy that I woul DEARLY love to be more than friends with!! hee hee), and so I want to make him the irish hiking scarf from this site wht a matching hat. Any ideas on a pattern for a matching hat?


Maybe this hat, but use the cable pattern from the scarf instead of the one the pattern calls for?

Good luck :smiley:

Stitch N Bitch has a hat that almost perfectly matches. Just does the twist on six rows instead of eight or something. I’ve made it twice now.

Ooh that is a super dooper idea! but actually… I don’t even think you need to alter the pattern. They match nearly perfect… and the cable is more in scale for the hat than if you changed it up.

Just to clarify, I can do the hat without changing the cable pattern? That would make it soooo easy!!! Thanks.

Now to choose colors!! lol

Also, couldn’t I just do half a cable from the scarf pattern to get the cable for the hat? I really want it to be ‘matching’ (and yes, i am ocd when it comes to matching!!)

If anyone can give me advice about how to get the cabled band for the hat from the scarf pattern, I would be eternally grateful.

Also, since this is for a guy, what do you think of a tweedy color or a gray?


This should work easily. Make the scarf first to familiarize yourself with that cable pattern, which by the way, is easier than the one in the Knitty hat.

When you make the hat band, CO only 14 sts, and instead of the (K2, P2, K9, P2, K2) in the hat band pattern, you are going to (P2, K2, P6, K2, P2) in row 1, and (K2, P2, K6, P2, K2) in row 2. Cable 3F on the 6 middle sts in the 8th row, and repeat. Since the knitty cable pattern is also an 8-row repeat, its perfect…do the same number of repeats the pattern suggests for the size you are making, either 16, 17 or 18.

I would use a plain, creamy color like the one in the scarf pattern so that the cable pattern really pops. This is one lucky guy!