Wanted: your unwanted wool

I haven’t posted in a while - mostly a lurker these days.

anywho, I am looking for wool…

if anyone has dyed wool and had it turn out a completely awful color, or spin wool and have it turn out completely off, or just knit and have lots of little ends left over… I am asking for your donations!

I am willing to pay shipping to get all this out of your stash and allow you to have more room for new stuff!

I am not picking about colors or thickness or length (well, would like at least a yard)!

I gotcha covered! I hope you’re on the West Coast USA cuz this stuff has to go Parcel Post. I’ll get it all together right now and send you a shipping quote.

Shipping weight is 6 lbs.

i am in Canada!
can you get me a quote on how much it would be to send to ontario?
postal code: l2a 4x1

YIKES! $28.75. This is why I stopped selling yarn online. Shipping kills me every time. Maybe someone from Canada will have something for you. Good luck!

that is a little more than i wanted to spend!

perhaps you could send me a list of what you have and i could just take a few pieces of your hands!

The cheapest thing I can send is $11.45 for a Priority Flat Rate box the size of a VHS tape. I should think you’d do better to just buy yarn at the store for that, but I’d be happy to jam it full of small wool yarn scraps if you’d like me to. My large lots just won’t fit.

Global Priority Boxes at the post office might be an idea to check out.

it is yarn…send it in a bag rather than in a box. A bag goes out at weight, where as a box has to go out in its cubic volume weight.

Just wool…or acrylic stuff as well?

just wool please :smiley:

ah…too bad…I have lots of “oddments” but mostly blends…

Oh well…