Wanted: wrist warmers pattern in st st. with thumb. >

Any suggestions?


i dont have 1 right off the top of my head, but I do know this one:

waste yarn.

As pretty as cables are, for this project, I just want st st. I’m considering paying a girl at the LYS to make me a pair because I hate working with dpns (unless it’s at the very end of a hat!).


i dont even use dpns for a hat!! i just knit the crown using the magicloop method.

what about this… instead of waste yarn, use a stitch holder!!

im not sure you can make fingerless mitts with using waste yarn if you want a thumb. i just make a hole in a tube for the thumb. I use the magicloop method.

You can take just about any pattern with the same shaping you want and change the stitch pattern. So for the one with cables, just knit in stockinette, for instance.

Check out Kelly’s pattern she just posted here about: http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=74626

She sized these for a child, but I bet an adult size isn’t much different. You might want to compare the cast on # of stitches to one of the adult patterns and see how to adjust.

I figured that I could, but being a noob, I like having a straight up pattern!
I’m going to sock class at 1 today and I’m going to learn how to knit using 2 circs at once, so maybe I’ll be able to use those with some wrist warmers instead of those hideous dpns.



here’s one with basic ribbing.