Wanted: Size 2 DPN's

Would love to get my hands on some size 2 DPN’s…preferably wooden or plastic but I’ll take metal if that’s all you have.

I have mistakenly purchased size 0 and size 3 DPN’s that I can trade.

Please help, I haven’t started my OWN Knit a Long and can’t find this size here!

Thanks in advance…


Hi Denise, I would think that if you haven’t used the other sizes your lys would take them back and order you size 2’s if they don’t have them in stock. Even if they won’t exchange wouldn’t they at least order the 2’s for you?
The only 2’s I have are the ones I bought specifically for your knitalong, which I’ve yet to start! :oops:

size 2 DPNs are very hard to find - If your LYS doesn’t have them then I suggest buying them


I had to order from this place, and the service rocked!

good luck


The store I bought them from is very far away, and I really don’t want to go all the way back to return the needles. I was hoping someone here had a set, so I don’t have to go anywhere! LOL! I can always hand a package to the mailman, hehe.



Did you ever get your size 2 dpns?

I do I do! :wink: