Wanted: size 11 circular needle

In search of 29" size 11 aluminum circular needle, in great shape. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!

If you have a walmart near you, they sell Boyes for a pretty low price. Or at Hobby lobby you can watch for the needle sales or use a 40% coupon from their site.

I never thought of the Hobby Lobby coupon… that would make it pretty cheap!:yay:

Yep, under $4 for most of them.

Hi Kayeknit, I have right here, a brand new size 11 circular needle, which is 3 inches too long for my project. I have just started knitting this evening, but need to find another size 11circular needle before I can remove my project. I tried looking at the Crystal Palace Yarns site, but can’t seem to find how to order needles. So, you’re welcome to these ones, but there may be a delay until I can replace these.

Hi Kayeknit again, I forgot to mention that my needles are 29 inches, just what you are looking for. Does anyone out there have 26 inch size 11 circulars, which seem to be hard to find?

Crystal Palace makes 26" circs, and their products are great. A feature that I love about them is that the joint spins where the needle and cable meet. Here are a few links of places that sell them:




Thanks lactosefree, I just clicked on that link, and, there is the needle I need!!!:cheering:

You could also use 24" circs, just as long as the needle isn’t longer than you need.

thanks suzeeq, I guess that makes perfect sense to me. A smaller one will do fine.

Tish: Thank you so much for that offer! Sorry I took so long to reply (I haven’t checked the website or looked at my pms - that is PMs :slight_smile: for a while). But someone already sent me a size 11 circular. So go ahead and keep yours…it may come in handy sometime! Thanks again!!