Wanted-Plymouth Encore or Patons Classic Worsted 2 Buy/Trade

Does anyone have some Encore or Patons in their stash they’d like to get rid of? I need at least 2500yds of the Encore OR 1800 yds of the Patons in a single color.

I’m interested in trading for some of my own stash yarn or buying at a discount.


I have 10 skeins of Plymouth Encore DK weight in a lovely shade of purple that I bought to make my daughter a sweater. Part of a skein has been frogged… pattern called for DK, but I thought it was too flimsy for a sweater and switched to Plymouth Encore worsted weight…other 9 skeins are untouched.



Judy - thanks for the reply! I’m actually looking for the Worsted weight too! Sorry, I should have made the subject line clearer.