Wanted** Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca

I need just a small amount of this yarn in Oxblood. I will buy several skeins or just a half a skein. (Just want to finish that shawl!!) :crying:

thank you

You are in luck. I just checked my stash and it just so happens that I have 3.5 skeins of Pure Alpaca in Oxblood. just to make sure, the color is 2124. I looked on the website and it seems as though that’s the Oxblood.

I don’t mind selling, but will also consider a trade. Maybe PM me and let me know. Hopefully 3.5 balls is enough for you to finish your shawl.



:happydance: A big public THANK YOU to you for helping me get this yarn. You are a lifesaver!!!

:heart: Jennifer