Wanted: pattern of knit loafer slipper

Thanks in advance for your kind help…
The other day, at the hospital, I noticed a patient wearing an awsome pair of slippers that were shaped like the one time popular penny loafters. They have been in my mind ever since…I was hoping someone had a pattern, similar that they could share with me…thanks:woot:

I found this one, but it’s not free. They don’t charge much for the pattern though and these [I]are[/I] super cute! I might have to think about getting it, too. :wink:

Jan, you are the Queen of Finding Patterns!:notworthy:

Ravelry to the rescue! :teehee: Thanks!

Wow thanks…they are cute…well if I don’t get any "free"
replies…I’ll go with those.

I looked and couldn’t find any. Let us know if you do.

Those are really nice!!