Wanted: Paton's Street Smart Pattern book

Anyone got a copy they don’t want or need to sell or trade? Anyone know where I can get a new copy? I found one place online but they wanted $5 to ship the $4 book. And they didn’t have anything else I wanted. :thud:

I know, it’s too bad they don’t have it at Knitpicks. I want EVERYTHING from that site. :teehee:

Please PM me!

I don’t know if you’re still looking for it, but I ordered the Patons Street Smart booklet a few days ago [I]on the cheap[/I] from Joann.com. I PM’d you with the info.

JoAnn’s online is now out :frowning: , but it is apparently being re-printed. I preordered a copy here:


It is supposed to arrive the week of March 5th! Yippee!!