**WANTED** Lewiscraft Emotions in Colour MU00063


I need one ball of Lewiscraft Emotions Colour MU00063 (It’s an aqua blue). The UPC number is 71261 55394. The colour lot number is K(or H; hard to read) 1189. Lot not as important as colour.

If anyone has one they would like to sell me it would be so great. My mom is making my daughter a sweater and she won’t have enough to finish it. Lewiscraft has gone out of business since she bought it.


Julie (jistead1@cogeco.ca)

Hi Julie,

Our Lewis craft is closing too and has clearance going on. I thought I seen the emotions yarn but can’t guarantee the colours available. I can take a look tomorrow and if its there grab you some, it’s on for $1 a ball, do you want me to get a couple just in case?

Oh my gosh! That would be sooooo wonderful!! If they have two I will take them. You have all the particulars re: colour etc.

Where are you located?? I’m in Burlington…ours in already closed completely!

Thanks again!

(jistead1@cogeco.ca) You can email me with details if you prefer.

ps your kitties are very cute!!!

I’m in Nanaimo, BC and ours is completely closed now too :frowning: . I was told the end of May so I went back during the last week of May to see if I could snag any last minute deals and they were already gone - totally emptied space. I was sad, they were my main yarn source.

I hope you find what you need so the sweater can be completed. :smiley:

Iam located in London Ontario. We are on the last one, they took everything from the other locations and bunched into one store. Last time I stopped in they said they were closing approx June 30th and they still had a ton of yarn. I printed out the request and will be going there tonight :slight_smile: Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the compliments on the kitties. Although right now Iam the enemy, yesterday was bath day for them…lol

I’ll let you know when I get home if I was successful with the hunt…:slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you doing this!


Okay, got to the Lewiscraft, but none of the colour you need. I begged and everything :slight_smile: They didn’t have a single ball in the backroom and they called the 2 closest ones to me (any excuse for a yarn store trip)…lol. All I can reccomend, is there is a beautiful lavender, and pale yellow left, you could always incorporate stripes or different colour ribbing. Just a thought, let me know if you require either of these.

Sorry, tried :slight_smile:

Laura C

Thank you so much for trying!! I REALLY appreciate all the time you put in trying to help me!!