Wanted : Lace scarf test knitters

I’m looking for people willing to knit a pattern I have made. It’s rather easy. Should be a scarf, in laceweight.
I think I’ll call it “Summerbreeze”, because it’s very airy, should be suitable for a not-too-hot summerday, or a summerevening, …

Loosely cast on 8x+5 stitches (for 3 repeats, cast on 29; for 4 repeats 37;…5 repeats -> 45 st…; 6 repeats -> 53 st…)

Knit 4 rows of garter stitch.

Row 1: k3, k2, yo, sl2tog k psso, yo, k3, k2
Row 2 and every even row : k2, purl to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 3: k3, k1, yo, k, sl2tog k psso, k, yo, k2, k2
Row 5: k3, k2, yo, sl2tog k psso, yo, k3, k2
Row 7: k3, yo, k, ssk, purl, k2tog, k, yo, k k2
Row 8: k2, purl to last 3 stitches, k2

Works these 8 rows until scarf is desired length. Work rows 1-6 again, knit 4 rows in garter stitch and loosely bind off.
Wet block.

Tell me what you think… is it something worth keeping? Or should I wait for better ideas?

if you like the pattern, keep it.

Or is what you are asking “Should I publish this”? (You have, essentially)

Or are you asking “Is this commercially viable” as a pay-for pattern?