Wanted: KnitPicks Black Needle Binder/Holder

I am looking for the black zippered interchangeable KnitPicks needle and cable holder. Fear my collection of needles and cables has outgrown the holder I have. I was so disappointed when KnitPicks discontinued selling the binder. I have a PayPal account and am ready to buy. Thanks, any of you knitters who may not have a
need for the binder from KnitPicks and would be willing to sell yours.
PM me if anyone is interested. Wanda Crossed Fingers

P.S. No hurry as I know mailing sources are busy now and that would be an inconvenience.

I hated the binder and got rid of it almost immediately. It was too heavy and bulky. I keep mine in this type of holder. It holds one set plus a lot of extra cables and needles. I love this case…no ties, the needles don’t fall out, you can either iron on your own numbers or she’ll do it for you. I think the numbers were like $3.

I think I got rid of it, but if I spot it in my stuff I’ll let you know.

Jan, I found something similar on Signature Needle Arts but I don’t know how to delete my post here on the forum. ???

The one with the ties? I had one from another place that had ties and I ended up sending it back. I keep my needles in my knitting bag and the ties would come undone and the needles would slip out.

It’s not necessary to delete the post, but I can if you want.

No, Jan, I had previously purchased a holder with ties and did not like it at all. All thumbs, maybe? This is a zippered one, I ordered it in black (any color as long as it is black) and looks a little similar to the KnitPicks one. As I mentioned before my circular needle collection has really grown and even though I have two of the KnitPicks holders ran out of space. Ordered a fishing-type holder, not a good choice, and I don’t fish incidentally, so I hope the Signature Needle Art holder will be okay. No need to delete the original post, I guess. Thanks for the reply.

No problem. If I come across my old one I’ll see if you’re still interested. :wink:

Like Jan … I didn’t like that binder. I have one and I know exactly where it is :slight_smile: PM me your address and I will send it to you ! I don’t usually keep “stuff” I don’t use, but just could not toss this binder … I just wanted it to “work” ! So I am glad it will have a happy home !
If you ordered the signature one … you can just buy more needles and fill up both !

Debbie, I did send you a PM - two actually. I am thrilled you have one you are not using and want to part with. :yay: