Wanted: Expert Opinions on WotA

What are your opinions of Knitpick’s WotA? Would you ever consider knitting a garment from it such as a sweater or something else directly next to your skin?

It’s so cheap and I’d prefer for my first foray into garments that have to like…fit :rofl: not cost me an arm and a leg. Of course, the cheapness and frequency for which it is used to felt things makes me think it’s probably very scratchy and icky to wear…what are all your expert opinions? How about alternate suggestions for modestly priced sweater yarns that won’t give me a rash?

No way I’d knit a garment with it after hearing Amy’s (forum owner) story about WOTA. I use it mainly for felting.
Amy’s WOTA story…

Oh and having knit with it I’d say it’s not soft enough for clothing. JMO though.

I haven’t tired WOTA, but I’ve heard that it’s not the best for next to skin wear. What about Cascade 220? I think it’s nice and soft…still wooly and warm but I can wear it next to the skin. And it’s cheap $6-$7 for 220 yards.

I have only felted with WOTA, but I just rubbed a skein of it on my skin and it IS scratchy. Swish superwash is much less scratchy and I bet would be ok. I haven’t knit that up either yet. I’m making a t-shirt sweater out of shine that I think will be very comfy, but it is not wool, it is a cotton blend. Much easier to work than 100% cotton and very soft, but not as easy to knit as wool.

Oh right, I forget her red sweater was WotA. I remember her being bummed about pilling and such.

I actually think Cascade is too scratchy for my taste, so if WotA is worse–forget it! Heh. I tried knitting with Lopi once too and wow–that was awful. I couldn’t even finish knitting with it, though I suppose it would have felted nicely.

Thanks for all the opinions!

I wouldn’t wear WOTA next to my skin…but I do think Merino Style is definitely soft enough. And it gets softer with wear. It pills too, though…