Wanted ...denise interchangables

if anyone has a set of these they would like to part with, I would like to buy them, Prefer to pay with paypal but will consider other options, please state price in what currency and shipping cost in any replies
thanks a lot

i would like to sell/swap mine… but right now i am back in Switzerland and will be home end of this month… can you wait that long ? let me know and if you like to swap i m willing to do that too… just let me know what you think

:happydance: thank you, that would be great, I will buy them and I dont mind waiting I am in no hurry, so please just get in touch when you get home, and we can make arrangements.
thanks again!!!

u r welcome… just to let u know there is marking on the plastic cover inside for the needle size… the needles are brand new except it had markings on the inside needle holder… if you do not like that … go ahead and buy it from someone who had a better one… if you still interested by the time i got home (i am coming home one week earlier which is on the 24 march ) then we can make arrangements … if you find better deal from someone else go ahead and buy it … i want to be fair to you … thanks so much …

dont wory about a mark thats ok, as long as they have instructions since I have never used them I am fine with that, talk to you when you get back and thanks again and for the honesty too much appreciated

thank you for your understand and patience… will send you a pm once i got home … :hug: