Wanted: cheese wrappers - will pay Malabrigo!

I am looking for two game peices from Frigo Cheeseheads’s nintendo ds lite promotion, letters S and L. I will pay one hank of Malabrigo for each letter. I will also accept duplicates of these two letters. So if you get this brand of cheese sticks/string cheese for you or your kiddos check out the wrappers and if you have one of those letters please let me know! Since I don’t have any Malabrigo already purchased, I’ll let you pick your hank anywhere online and I’ll order it and have it shipped it to you. Price not to exceed $15. If you don’t like Malabrigo, You can pick any other hank of whatever you like. Note, this offer is not valid for any other letters! ONLY S AND L

:teehee: My daughter is collecting them, too.

well if she’s in need of any of the other letters I have duplicates! I don’t mind giving her my extras.