Wanted: caron simply soft in white

I am making an afghan for my friend for her wedding with her name and her hubbys name and date of her wedding which is what she wanted me to make for her. the wedding is oct 19 and i have started the afghan and had 2 skeins of the white color 9701. i just ordered 3 skeins from Joanns and the color is darker. it looks like the new color new white which i had already gotten from wal mart by accident.

ANYWAYS lol If anyone has any older caron simply soft in white PLEASEEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEEE let me know. let me know. i am willing to trade the ones i just got if you are interested.
I would hate to make a wedding gift with different colored whites lol.

i must say i’m very disappointed with the new white - it looks dirty. i wish you luck in finding some of the old pretty one.

Hey ,I just wanted you to know I had a similar problem and tell you what i did. I started a baby set in caron’s white and didnt have enough to complete it so I went back to the store…well actually several different stores :gah:and to my dissappointment it still looked dirty and grey. I had no luck so I ended up using Red heart soft in white. It turned out really well but as I thought more about it Bernat satin would have been a better match, only because the sheen is closer to that of caron simply soft. You couldn’t tell the difference only I could because I knew better.So if you want to you could always substitute with one of them. Good luck

i have an older skein in white, i’ll pm you with more details