Wanted: Caron Simply Soft Denim Heather

One skein to finish a project.

Have you tried Ravelry? I’ve had great success looking for that last skein by looking it up and seeing who has 1 in their stash. Sorry I don’t have that color to help you.

I do have that color, but it’s about halfway being a sweater for my GD. Sorry…

Thanks to both of you. I will try Ravelry.

I’m about 2 inches from being done with a sweater for my daughter – couldn’t BELIEVE I ran out!!! Yikes!

That really sucks! Just recently the WalMart,both Michael and both Joann’s near me stopped selling the purple shade of Caron Eco I was working with.I actually ended up buying more yarn in an alternative, kind of similar shade and redoing the whole thing.I too was about two inches to the finish line :confused:

Has Caron stopped producing certain colors?

No, Walmart just stopped carrying some of them. They had an exclusive contract to sell the Eco yarn for a while, then it expired and Joanns and other stores began selling it. You can still find the Eco colors online at joanns.com.

I also need the same thing

xl twin comforter

It is still available from Caron’s website.


If you just need a little to finish, I like to search completed projects on Ravelry in that colorway and contact the user to see if they want to part with the rest so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space in their stash :wink: