Want Zephyr laceweight and in the Boston area now or soon? I have the color card

Anyone else interested in a cone of Zephyr laceweight?

I will need one if not two for my chuppah. They are $30 if you order 4 or more. If we are all in the Boston area and can arrange to meet up to exchange the cones. I have the color card if you want to see it before you order. That is $7 less than the price if you only order 1 to 3 cones.

I’ll be posting this on ravelry as well. It would be $30 per cone plus the shipping total divided by the number of cones.




I can also get up to Concord, Manchester and Nashua, NH and anywhere near those places.

Becca. I would be willing to help out but I live about 2 hours from Boston in Nowich CT. I’m not in a big hurry for the yarn though.