Want to use larger needles

i am working on a shawl right now and i want to start another one using larger needles. my current pattern calls for 4 skeins using size 10 1/2 needles but i want to make the next one using size 17 needles. how do i figure out how much yarn i will need?

It depends. If you make it to the same overall size, you’ll probably use less yarn. If you make it with the same number of stitches and pattern repeats, you’ll use quite a lot more - but you’ll have an absolutely huge shawl. What’s the pattern, and what yarn did you use for the first one, and what do you want to use for this one?

it’s a prayer shawl i got off the lions brand homespun wrapper.

Cast on 60 stitches. Work in garter stitch until Shawl measures 60 in. [152.5 cm].

very simple pattern and i would like to still cast on 60 stitches and make it 60 in. as the pattern states.

my husband bought me the larger needles and that is why i want to make this next shawl/blanket using them so i can give it to him. i will be using the same brand yarn also.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of prayer shawls done with homespun at Lion Brand.

I think it’s the Tara Shawl With the 10½s you probably got 3 sts/inch, but you’ll probably get about 2 sts/inch with the 17s. So that would make it 30" wide, not 20" if you use 60 sts for a cast on; the length is 60" no matter what. If you keep the 60 sts, it would come out about half again as large (per sq inch) so it would take 6 skeins. You could make the CO about 40 or 42 sts and it should be about the same size and use the same amount of yarn.

I’m not great at calculating yardage either.

The easiest way to calculate would be to cast on & knit til one skein runs out. Measure how many inch that made. As an example, if it made 7" then you need 9 skeins total (7x9=63inches.)

Since the shawl is a flat rectangle the calculations are pretty easy. With sweaters, I make a swatch. Rip it out & measure yarn. And calculate based on square inches.

You might want to consider using a thicker yarn. Or two stranding the yarn (which uses twice as much yarn.) Because the fabric might be too open when worked on size 17s (vs the size 10.5). If you have any yarn left over from the last shawl you made. Work a swatch up on the 17 needles. Just to see if you like the look. My hunch is it will be too loose.

Homespun is pretty thick, too thick to use with 10½s though it’s doable.

Good idea to use any leftover to see how many sts/inch you get on the 17s; that way you can adjust your cast on number and it won’t take as much as using 60 sts. If it turns out to be 30x60", you’ve got yourself a small afghan, not a shawl.

i like the idea of using any leftover yarn to see what the 17’s will look like. that’s great. i think using the homespun it shouldn’t be too loose because it’s a thicker yarn. but again using the leftover will be a perfect way to tell.

i’m happy it will be larger then the original if i stick with 60 stitches. i think i would prefer it to be larger then the one i am currently working on.

i’ll go ahead and get 6 skeins to be safe and go from there. thank you for your help.