Want to try socks but don't want socks made of >>>

super thin yarn. I would like to use like a “3” weight yarn. Any suggestions? I don’t want to make trouser socks, I want to make SOCKS!!!


What’s a ‘3’ weight yarn? :??

There are all kinds of sock patterns for various weight socks. Silver’s sock tutorial also has a beginner pattern with worsted weight (If my feeble aged memory serves me correctly LOL!) Several other sock tutorials also start with worsted weight or heavier than fingering weight. But don’t let fingering weight frighten you. It really isn’t that small after you have gotten used to it. I remember the first time I made something with lace weight and I felt like I was knitting with a spider’s silk!

You can make socks with any weight yarn.
Pick a yarn and knit a gauge swatch a bit tighter than you’d normally want it (for the sake of durability).

Then go to one of the books or tutorials that have charts for making socks at any gauge. All the math is done for you.
Among them:
Sensational Socks
Simple Socks – Plain & Fancy
Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns

highcountryknitwear.com has a definitive sock 101 course that begins with a warm, thick crew sock: REAL socks.

Most worsted weight is a 4. Something just a little lighter/thinner would be a 3.

Hiya boo1
You could use a light worsted or dk weight if you are looking for substantial sox. I used kp’s andean treasure (100% baby alpaca) and the sox knit up lovely warm and soft as bunny fuzz (without all the superfuzz) One thing though with 100% alpaca though, it hasn’t got a good memory and you will have to run elastic thread through the rounds on the cuff. You could also use caron’s simply soft (light worsted weight) or wool of the andes dk weight. The only difference knitting wise would be how many stitches you would cast on.

Here’s a link to about 600 free sock patterns made with all different weights of yarn. http://www.knittychick.com/free_sock_patterns.htm

Well I just used Patons Classic Wool Merino for my first pair of socks. I was scared of fingering weight too. The socks turned out pretty good. Now for my second pair I’m trying out some Lion Brand Magic Stripes. Good luck! :slight_smile: