Want to Try My First Sock - Man's Size 13

I’d like to try to make hubby some great socks. He has trouble finding exactly what he wants. I don’t have a pattern and I don’t even know what kind of yarn to use. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m going to look for patterns online.

Found this one: http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/60049.html?noImages=

What are "Large eye blunt needle"s? Is it the one I have which looks like a big sewing needle? Like for joining?

I’m not sure I want to use Wool Ease though, it’s for hot and humid weather. What yarn would be good for that? As long as I get gauge it’s OK though, right?

Hmmmm… if these are your first socks, and that your hubby wears size 13, I would probably go with something not too complicated. Men’s socks can take forever to knit, so I generally go with something simple. You could do something like that: http://www.knitty.com/issuewinter05/PATTthuja.html, it has more texture than a plain sock but the pattern is very easy to do.

I can’t access the lionbrand website, I don’t want to register to yet another website… But if the pattern is cuff down, you will need to graft the toe using kitchener stitch with a tapestry needle, that’s probably what they are talking about.

In general socks are knitted using fingering weight (on US 1-2), and it’s good for everyday wear. Wool-ease would be too thick for a hot and humid weather in my opinion. On the other hand, it’s quicker to knit! :teehee:

This past summer we had a swap and my pal sent me this pattern
I love it and have used it to make any size sock… including my dad’s, fil’s, and dh’s socks… none of them wear a size 13 but thats what so neat about this pattern… they give you sizes and guidelines for all types of sock yarns and ages from toddlers to adults… you can’t go wrong with it and the pattern is written out very well… :happydance:

Having done this for Christmas,

I went with a worsted weight wool and I actually made it from a kids pattern. I simply had to increase the needle size because of the weight of the wool (I believe it was 48 sts).

In the back of my head I remembered what my husband’s Grandmother made his socks to look like, and tried to make mine look similar. [she used to make him a pair every year, but has suffered so many mini-strokes, she could no longer do this and I thought it would be a :muah: thing for him.]

But I have to say… ugh, what a lot of work! If it wasn’t a labour of love, I would have likely never ever finished them!

I recommend wiseneedle’s pattern for socks. They were my first pair, and with the same size sock you are wanting to knit! The pattern calls for DK Weight yarns and lists a few she has used.

I knit my boyfriend’s with acrylic yarn, so I suggest not using acrylic yarn. It was soft, but it doesn’t breathe. Try a wool blend or a cotton blend.