- want to make this, but decrease question

If you scroll down you will see this pattern in English.

My question, do you think you decrease every row once you start decreasing? Or every other row? It doesn’t say.

Very cute pattern! I’ve done patterns where I decreased every row and some where I decreased every other row. This one has me stumped. I would THINK since it didn’t specify an alternate row directions that this particular pattern would decrease every row.

LOL… SOMEONE probably hits on this question down in the comments part of the page for all I know but since it isn’t in English… I dunno. :wink:

Best of luck!

LOL, I looked too, but all the comments were in Finnish! :teehee:

I was thinking the same about the every row thing…hmmmm, wish they would have specified.:mrgreen:

You know, I looked it up on Ravelry, and half the finished hats are really pointy (decreased every other row?) and half are nice and rounded (decreased every row?). That’s my theory, anyway! :shrug:

You could try both ways and see which looks more like the picture. If the first one you try doesn’t look right, just rip back to the row after the first dec and try the other way.


Just found your post…I translate some Finnish patterns for myself but
can’t quite make this one out. I could post to a Finnish knitting group I belong to and see if anyone on there has any comments concerning the pattern. I’ll let you know what I found out! :slight_smile:

Just heard back from my other forum…the decreases are on every
row. Hope that helps…