Want to make a flower

I would like to knit a flower but don’t quite understand the beginning of this pattern. Can anyone help me? It reads:
Cast on 5 sts. Working in St st and beginning with WS (purl) row, increase 1 st at beginning and end of each RS (knit) row until there are 9 sts. End with a RS row.
What method of increaseing should I use?
Thanks to anyone/everyone who responds.

Cast on 5 sts, purl the first row, then inc at the beg and end of the RS row, purl a row, knit a row with incs. This should give you 9 sts and you’re ready for the instructions for the next row which will be a WS row. ‘End with’ a WS/RS row means you’ve just finished it, so you only knit the 4 rows and see what you do on the next row.

Thanks a lot for your response. Sometimes I get impatient when I read a new pattern. One other question I had is regarding the increase stitches. The pattern didn’t recommend a particular increase stitch and I’ve looked at all the different methods of increasing but I’m not sure if one is better than the other for this particular instance. If you can offer a suggestion for this I think I’m on my may to making a flower.

Is there a place where we can see the whole pattern and maybe a picture? It probably doesn’t matter which increase you use, any one you are comfortable with. Often it is nicer to make an increase one in from the ends, but that may not really matter either.

Probably either a kfb or a m1 increase would work. Try them both and see which looks better.