Want to Learn Cables Next

Okay, now that I have knitted a half dozen hats on the circular needles and have fallen in love with knitting on DP, I am ready again to venture out to something new.

I have watched the cable video a couple of times and have read several how to books. But I am at a loss at how to do parts. Iget the put some of the stitches on the cable needle and the twisting thing.

But do you do this every row?

I guess what I am looking for is instructions for a little swatch with a couple of cables on it – like on row one do this and on row two do this.

Thanks a bunch

I used this pattern to learn:


Try the second one first. It’s really quite simple to do.

I was nervous to try cables, but I finally just decided to do it, and it wasn’t hard at all. I used the cable pattern in “the Everything Knitting Book” to learn cables. The cable is made up of 8 rows (or whatever the directions say) that repeat, and you only do the twist thing once per repeat.
Another cable-ish stitch is a right or left twist; that would be a super duper easy peasy way to get started., because it’s just two stitches, and you don’t need a cable needle; this is done every row.
Incidentally, my cats were FACTINATED with the dangly sparkly shiny cable needle, and eventually ran off with it; I used this link http://wendyknits.net/knit/leftcable.htm to do cables without using a cable needle until I found the it (under the entertainment center with some yarn, a random needle and some dental floss… go figure)